ATEME debates on 4K/ Ultra-HD at the HD Forum

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ATEME debates on Ultra HD at the 3D & Ultra HD Group conference at Eutelsat
From left: Claude Stoffel, ATEME; Michel Chabrol, Eutelsat; Jerome Vieron, ATEME

ATEME participated at the round table of 3D & Ultra HD Group, dedicated mainly to the Ultra HD and its future development, on Thursday, the 7th of February 2013 in Paris, hosted at Eutelsat Communications and organised by Michel Chabrol. Main speakers from various companies and associations such as UER / EBU, Technicolor, Dolby, Mikros and France Télévisions presented their analysis and research on the Ultra HD requirements needed to be put in place in order to deliver the 4K to home end users. Great attention was paid to the quality of Ultra HD image its color depth and the surround sound inovation.

ATEME is currently working on the H.265/HEVC codec which was standardized by ITU late this January. By using the new H.265/HEVC the bandwidth reduction would be considerable and so broadcasters would be able to offer more content while keeping excellent video quality of image, so called “Ultra HD”.
Many questions concerning this subject were adressed to Jérome Vieron, ATEME specialist on HEVC, who pointed out the expected release of the ATEME HEVC encoder, which will be coming very soon.