ATEME is getting ready for IBC 2013, Hall 1, D.71

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an exclusive interview with Rémi BEAUDOUIN, ATEME Director of Product Marketing:

Remi Beaudouin, ATEME Marketing DirectorMonika Ceskova Fourneaux: IBC is right around the corner (IBC 2013, 13-17 September). Will you be presenting something original in video compression this year?

Rémi Beaudouin: Yes we will! Our research and development team has been very busy over the past months with the continuous advancement of the HEVC codec. At IBC 2013, we will present our latest video quality/bandwidth efficiency results not only for 4K Ultra HD television, but also for OTT profiles.
In addition, IBC 2013 will represent a major milestone as we will demonstrate the 1st productization stages of HEVC: HEVC encoding will be embedded in TITAN Live/TITAN File, our carrier-grade software video transcoding solution dedicated to multi-screen delivery and Kyrion DR8400, our versatile and universal Integrated Received Decoder.

MCF: Does it mean that you are launching new hardware to run HEVC codec?

RB: No. No new hardware is needed. The beauty here is that HEVC capability is a software upgrade on the existing platforms, including of course the ones deployed on the field. Both TITAN and DR8400 platforms have been launched more than 4 years ago. We are leveraging the future-proof aspect of these designs and so we are able to propose field upgrade to our partners. By the way, let me emphasize that DR8400 is a word’s first: there is no other professional IRD on the market that can decode HEVC.

MCF: Many of your competitors will equally present the HEVC codec applied to their solutions. What differentiates ATEME from the others?

RB: We deliver what we say and do not make any haste announcements promising something which will be ready in two years’ time. ATEME is also a key contributor of the HEVC standard. Our R&D team is constantly in touch with worldwide experts to submit ideas and get the best of the Industry community. Finally we are involved in the 4EVER project, sponsored by the French government and therefore each development is scrutinised and watched very closely. For all this reasons, our clients trust us and consider us as their expert partner delivering cutting-edge solutions, rather than just providers.

MCF: In addition to HEVC, are there any others product announcements?

RB: Yes. We are cooking a lot of solutions and product innovations for the show. These will be real game changers… Keep patience, you will hear about them soon.

Visit ATEME AT IBC 2013, HALL 1, Stand D.71