Ateme: Kick-off to a Winning Live Streaming Solution

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Live streaming

Stay tuned! Ateme now offers a new live streaming solution to create the ultimate sports fan experience.

Whether you’re glued to the plays, watching the match with multiple friends at the stadium, or betting on your favorite team in real time, there’s nothing worse than a pesky delay. Especially when hearing the cheers before the play has reached your screen. Or when you start celebrating a big payout before realizing your bet didn’t make it in time.

Fans demand better OTT streaming options.

According to SVG Europe, most UK sports fans would rather watch sports via OTT platforms. And online in-play betting is experiencing extraordinary growth globally. Because of this increase, online betting companies are playing catch-up to deliver the fastest communication possible between the live event and the bettor.

FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl LVII, Daytona 500, the Olympic Games and more are all right around the corner. Therefore, in order to leverage the best outcome for your company, you want to ensure your millions-to-billions of viewers enjoy the live game in as close to real-time as possible.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to maintain a high QoE while decreasing latency between the live streaming event and your viewers.

This is where Ateme steps in.

In general, OTT streaming averages a 20 – 50-second delay, while broadcast TV lands closer to 7 seconds. Fortunately, Ateme already deploys OTT streaming solutions that achieve latency matching that of broadcast TV. But for the ultimate sports betting experience, it’s time to reduce latency even more.

Our objective is to decrease latency to between 2 and 3 seconds. That’s equivalent to that of a social media post or the time it takes for a Tweet to be sent. And this without lowering quality and making it easier for you to get started immediately and bypass hefty costs.

Using our award-winning software plus multiple formats such as NDI input, we offer a solution that allows a live event to travel directly from the camera to the player. In addition, Ateme’s application will use current standards (including LL-HLS and LL-DASH) and remain compatible with most existing players on the market. While lowering latency is the main factor, other issues are also being considered, including:

  • Failure protection
  • Multi-channel usage
  • Maintaining high-quality content
  • Dealing with increased bandwidth usage at live events

Ateme is working to offer you a more cost-effective ultra-low glass-to-glass latency solution that works easily with standard OTT technology from the camera to the player or client.

So, get ready for kick-off. Our new ultra-low latency, live-streaming solution is heading your way.