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Video platforms are increasingly complex. So many components need to fit together in the workflow, making daily operations time-consuming. How do you manage? Is there a way to simplify your platform, without giving up on superior quality? As a provider of video services, you want the best video transcoding software possible. And you want it to be easy to install, fast, secure, and reliable. But you also want flexibility — in both pricing and function. Now, you can have it all with Ateme+.

Ateme+, an ever-growing suite of cloud-agnostic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools, offers you the speed, reliability, and precision of Ateme’s top-rated video compression and delivery software. But now with the choice of cloud providers and commercial options, via subscription and/or pay-as-you-go.

Giving you more time, flexibility, and peace of mind in delivering content to your viewers, Ateme+ allows for a more agile operational model. This means you can scale your platform up or down as needed for greater efficiency. With its built-in redundancy and multi-region support, you get the processing where you need it. In turn, this lowers costs and guarantees a top quality of experience and revenue growth.

Discover more about Ateme+ by watching the video below.

Combining Quality and Convenience

You want your video processing software to work easily with the rest of your video platform and give your viewers premium results. And you want to accomplish this in the most convenient way possible.

With its flexible, cloud-centric approach, Ateme+ will fit in smoothly — no matter what technology you use— giving you the best video quality. Optimized for computer performance via AWS (Azure and Google Cloud coming soon), Ateme+ supports SD, HD and UHD resolutions for both live and file transcoding. Live supports SRT and Zixi for ingress and egress, and you can monitor your services with configurable TAG Multiviewer PiPs and tiles. Plus, it has a scheduler and rights management layer built in.

Speed and capacity concerns become a thing of the past with Ateme+. First of all, it integrates the performance and cost flexibility of the cloud. Plus, it incorporates the proven transformative capabilities of TITAN technology — TITAN File and TITAN Live. This guarantees minimum bitrates at the highest quality. And when thinking about turnaround time, you’ll achieve accelerated parallel processing with Ateme+. This leverages elastic computing, especially important as we move to UHD being ubiquitous in the market.

Ateme+ also reduces your impact on the environment through our award-winning Green Delivery solution. At every step, from CPU efficiency to elastic computing, our energy-conscious end-to-end solution helps cut waste.

Time-Efficient and Easy to Use

When it comes to operational management, you want simplicity. The Ateme+ console is an easy-to-navigate ‘single pane of glass’ for a unified operational experience, enabling frictionless onboarding. This ensures quicker Time to Value (TTV) and lowers overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). You’ll also find integrating into your workflows a breeze thanks to RESTful APIs.

In addition to having straightforward user management, key metrics, and monitoring, you can allocate live monitoring permissions to different users, from admin to monitoring, even outside your organization. While you’ll be able to manage system alerts and notifications, they are also sent immediately to Ateme. We monitor them 24/7 with a dedicated Ateme+ DevOps team. What’s more, Ateme+ takes care of scaling the platform as well as implementing regular product updates. This ensures you benefit from a service that offers maximum agility and functionality.

Saving You Money

When you want quality, functionality, and capacity in a cost-effective way, Ateme+ delivers. It offers the option of paying by subscription or via the month-to-month pay-as-you-go route (per minute or per hour depending on service). This helps you shift your spending away from the CapEx investment model. and move you toward a more flexible and predictable operational cost model, ultimately driving efficiency.

It’s a great opportunity for content providers, broadcasters, pay-TV operators, and OTT and streaming service providers to transition from complex and pricey software and hardware management to a more cost-effective and ever-evolving SaaS model.

“Our focus on the cloud will continue to grow, with a transformation of all our technologies and products to be available as SaaS, providing our users with a comprehensive cloud-centric approach that is ideally suited to their needs”

— Remi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer.

You’ll truly find more flexibility in content processing with Ateme+ — in terms of both the business model and the scale. And, you’ll receive the superior quality of experience you expect from Ateme.

Ateme is constantly adapting to new market needs, looking to innovate and improve video delivery options. This is why we are excited to share this new opportunity with you. And in doing so while we continue to refine SaaS and transform our end-to-end video delivery products to the Ateme+ model. Ultimately, we are stronger when we work together as a community. Through partnerships, innovation and with you, we are able to transform video content delivery and provide the most seamless, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and beneficial solutions for you and your viewers.