Reducing Link OPEX Kyrion with Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ)

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The Kyrion encoder and decoder, now with integrated ARQ, enable users to reduce link OPEX by using open internet or networks with QoS for their primary or backup link. 

Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ), is an error-control method for video and data streaming that uses acknowledgements – messages sent by the Kyrion decoder indicating that it has correctly received a frame or packet, to achieve reliable video and data streaming over open internet and networks without QoS. If the Kyrion encoder does not receive an acknowledgment, it will re-stream the frame/packet until it receives an acknowledgment or exceeds a predefined number of re-transmissions.

The ARQ option can is available as a CAPEX option – permanent software license, or an OPEX option with pay per use license.

The ARQ option is available for new and existing Kyrion users through a simple software upgrade.

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