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Ateme brings three decades of experience in video processing and delivery that, when combined with AWS infrastructure, unlocks new possibilities for media & entertainment companies.

From video delivery optimization to content personalization, Ateme helps its customers boost engagement, reduce churn and, together with AWS, reach their sustainability goals with green streaming technologies. Ateme’s pre-integrated end-to-end cloud-native video solutions allow operators to simplify their operations and improve user experience while reducing TCO. PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY / Available in BYOL, SaaS and Marketplace (large range of purchasing options)


Live Video Processing & Delivery 

Ateme’s TITAN and NEA product lines allow easy deployment on AWS of advanced encoding/transcoding, origin/packaging, CDN and server-side ad insertion. Ateme brings advanced features to live delivery with 4K HDR low-latency OTT streaming, ATSC 3.0 support, CQR technology, and OCR subtitle conversion, all managed with Ateme’s PILOT solution.

VOD and Cloud DVR 

Ateme’s TITAN and NEA product lines make it easy to deploy advanced VOD and cloud DVR solutions. Ateme allows new levels of flexibility and scalability with AWS compute and storage capabilities. And with AWS, Ateme offers, on-demand, serverless premium quality file transcoding capabilities with support of state-of-the-art technologies such as 4K HDR, VVS, & AV1 codecs, and distributed transcoding for faster processing. Ateme also enables true cloud DVR at unprecedented scale with AWS S3 storage.

Unlimited Secure Storage  

Having a cDVR platform means you will eventually need to scale up to include millions of recorded assets and media file petabytes with a long-life cycle. That’s why Ateme developed NEA Genesis to leverage the near-infinite scalability of public cloud storage. NEA-Genesis brings intelligence to cloud object storage with optimized storage tiering for cDVR and VOD. This ensures an optimal Quality of Experience at the petabyte+ scale. 

Advanced Streaming 

Ateme’s NEA Genesis fosters the latest video innovation to offer the best video experience to your customers. Our solution supports any codec or streaming protocol, HDR and 4K content, immersive audio, subtitling, and scrolling thumbnails. NEA Genesis also comes with advanced functionalities for recording. This enables cost-effective scaling with perfect alignment of program start and end times with overhead reduction and support for shared or private copy models. 

Case Study:

VOD Cloud Transcoding at Scale with CTS


Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) was looking to support a new streaming service in the EU, with a complex feature set. It required quick implementation, optimized cost management, and throughput scalability to ramp up to a large amount of content ingested per day.


CTS chose Ateme’s TITAN File, a file transcoder producing high-quality content. Its cloud-native architecture leverages infrastructure scalability and can be easily deployed in an orchestrated environment. As a CPU-based solution, TITAN File uses new generations of EC2 instances to provide better performances.


Launched and having processed over two million assets in 2021, the solution offered a powerful and reliable cloud platform for VOD transcoding and as well as a cost advantage to Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS). And, while addressing new markets and workflows, the solution continues to grow.

Case Study:

World’s First Large-scale Cloud DVR in the Cloud 


Swisscom needed a cloud-native scalable solution with the ability to support growth while streamlining their operation. 


Ateme provided an end-to-end package of cloud-native solutions for cloud VOD, DVR, and time-shifted TV running on the AWS cloud infrastructure. 


Swisscom will be able to optimize their hardware pool and achieve greater scalability for their Blue TV offering. 

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