ATEME Partners’ Awards 2011

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Every September just before IBC starts, ATEME organizes one of its PARTNERS MEETING. This year, this event took place on the 8th of September 2011 in Amsterdam, Hotel de l’Europe.
The main purpose of this meeting was to outline the status and new strategy of ATEME to existing Partners, followed by distribution of awards.

The award for the “BEST REVENUE GROWTH 2011” was presented to CVE-ITALY. CVE-Italy is at present the largest distributor of 4:2:2: contribution pairs in its region.

The award for the “BEST MARKET COVERAGE 2011” was presented to DTS-POLAND. DTS-Poland managed in a short period of time to conquer the Polish market offering ATEME’s applications and solutions.

The award for the “BEST 4:2:2 CONTRIBUTION MARKET PENETRATION 2011” was presented to DigiNet-BELGIUM. DigiNet-Belgium was the first to deploy 4:2:2 Contribution in its region and easily overcame all competitors.

The award for the “BEST MULTI SCREEN MARKET PENETRATION 2011” was presented to TnMtech-KOREA. TnMtech-Korea vividly deployed ATEME’s chief products and technology for multi-screen transcoding.