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Technology workshops in Spain

ATEME workshop in GaliciaFor the last couple of months, Xavier Levasseur, ATEME’s EMEA Sales Director and Charlie Bercier, Pre-Sales Engineer have always been on the field organizing workshops for ATEME’s Spanish customers. Just back from Madrid, they embarked for Santiago for another exciting training session. But let’s start from the beginning.

In March, broadcasting companies, cable operators and regional networks attended ATEME’s Madrid workshop organized by Tmediatin collaboration with ATEME. Benefits and functionalities of HEVC video compression format were demonstrated in front of all attendees, as well as its capability of expanding resolutions up to 4 Kdecreasing bandwidth.
Participants were reminded of characteristics and differences between different codecs, advantages and differences between IPTV versus OTT and ins and outs of contribution. ATEME products, such as encoding hardware solutions and latest software encoders Titan KFE, MPEG2/MPEG4 and HEVC, were presented to show the basics of ATEME products.

A few weeks later, another workshop took place, this time in Santiago in Galicia. The aim of the meeting was to investigate the new professional video compression format HEVC and new OTT trends. Entitled ’Technologies of compression and their applications’, the event attracted broadcasters, operators and a few institutional organizations.
The workshop started with the presentation of the latest developments in the environment of contribution, of the advantages and differences between IPTV versus OTT, as well as the presentation of current MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats,foundations of the new HEVC codec.The key attraction of this training was the codec already available that we do think will drive tomorrow workflow ecosystem with considerable bandwidth savings. The comparison between H264 & HEVC was impressive to illustrate that trend. This workshop was completed by a demo where attendees could attest the differences between the different codecs and get to know coding solutions hardware, as well as the new Titan KFE transcoding software.

Those two workshops were attended with a great deal of interest.
We have been able to see that through the abundant online coverage in several blogs and professional publications.
We are now ready to extend the momentum to other regions!