ATEME starts 2015 in new headquarters

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ATEME moved to Vélizy

Green Plaza Vélizy

Continued growth in personnel meant that our existing offices could no longer accommodate our rising numbers and space needs. After 12 years in Bièvres ATEME left this historical address for a new one—enhancing its image in 2015 in bright new offices.

The idea of moving had matured over a few years but the decision was made quickly after ATEME’s successful IPO in July 2014. Since the company went public on Euronext Paris, we have entered a new phase in our development. We opened a second R&D office in Rennes France, expanded our sales and research teams in France and abroad continuing the expansion of our international presence.

We did not go far, but the former rural surroundings have been replaced by newer, modern and more comfortable premises. The new geographic location in Vélizy-Villacoublay is ideal for a company that operates with partners in Paris, the Ile de France as well as locations around the globe. It gives an easier access for employees as well. They can take advantage of the new tram line and numerous direct buses to Paris. Green Plaza, our new office is only 6 km from Pont de Sevres and 15 minutes from Orly airport which is very convenient for meetings with international customers. Taking advantage of spacious 2660m2, the new office provides a larger and nicer workspace for employees and is a real opportunity for greater efficiency and better customer service.

Please update your records with our new details: ATEME, 6 rue Dewoitine, 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay.

The phone number remains the same: +33 (0)1 69 35 89 89

Dorota Bouskela
ATEME Corporate Marketing