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28 – 29 of February 2012, ATEME and its partner GMDS Germany organised a two day workshop in Russelsheim near Frankfurt am Main. The main objectives of this workshop were – the introduction of the H. 264 contribution solution followed by the 10-bit and 8-bit video compression advantages overview supported by an ‘Hands On’ session.

The attendees were mainly composed of operators and broadcasters from Germany (HR, CBC, MB, HD Satcom etc) and Austria (ORF).

Volkmar SETZEFAND from GMDS Germany gave an opening speech and clarified the main objectives of the workshop.

Xavier GENTRIC from ATEME Company introduced the ATEME product line for contribution. He gave a brief overview of the ATEME encoders / decoders and listed all major advantages achieved by using the ATEME contribution solution such as the pristine video quality and the equipment interoperability.

Volkmar SETZEFAND presented the migration to the HD guidelines (document issued by German speaking Broadcasters on HD migration)

Mireille GRANET from GMDS Germany clarified Support Service Contract Agreement, which appealed to many guests giving them certitude and reinforced their confidence in the ATEME contribution solution.

Frank WINDHOVEL from GMDS Germany presented the 8-bit and 10-bit video compression which was supported by the ‘Hands on’ session conducted by Firdaouss KOUCHTAF from ATEME. She clearly proved the encoding difference results between the 10-bit and 8 –bit video quality.

All participants at this workshop have already had previous experience with the 8-bit video compression but to many the 10-bit compression video quality was something revolutionary. Almost all of them were seduced by the technical facility of the equipment setup and its simple use.

Written by Monika Fourneaux Ceskova; For comments:

The workshop space during a break


Happy attendees