ATEME’s APAC team mobilized to run the Technology Workshop in Bangkok

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by RAHIMAN Abdul Haleem

ATEME's seminar at Bangkok

A good partnership is the key for success. We at ATEME always value our business partnerships with regional partners for mutual benefits to our end customers. The APAC team mobilized resources and logistics and with great help from our partner inThailand V-Media-A ran another episode of the Technology Workshop in Bangkok.

It took place on 3rd of December at a very elegant Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel in downtown Bangkok. Exceeding expectations, the Seminar was attended by more than 60 people. The attendees consisted of high rank technical experts, Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians from our customers, SI partners as well as industry consultants. As these seminars are becoming a much awaited events for the broadcast fraternity in the region, for this round here in Bangkok we managed to have speakers from HQ. Jean Michel Mercier (Head of Pre Sales EMEA & APAC), Michel Hello (Product Manager) and Abdul Haleem (Pre Sales Manager APAC) were presenting topics covering industry standards (very interesting discussion on HEVC andUHD/4K TV) and ATEME cutting edge technology solutions for broadcast and media delivery world. To ensure the attendees were not bored with hundreds of slides, the Workshop also presented hands-on demos of our Contribution Encoder – Decoder pair. A few videos were also shown covering niche technology such as ZiXi and HEVC vs AVC codec. These videos were an eye opener and drew much attention from the audience. In ATEME we are very proud to invest and conduct such Workshops/Seminars which are not merely about marketing strategy but also to share our knowledge and expertise of the industry with our valuable partners and customers. A similar workshop will be held in Hanoi next week by another team.

This is surely a very beautiful way for us here in APAC to wrap up the year which has been very successful and highly promising. We owe this to committed team work and solid partnership across the region.

Abdul Haleem
Pre Sales Manager APAC