Audience-Aware Streaming: A Sustainable Solution

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Global warming is a hot topic, and it affects us all. As the video industry grows, we need to make greater strides to reduce the waste incurred with video streaming and curb the effects of global warming. Reducing video quality to lower our carbon footprint is not a competitive approach as our goal is to optimize the experience. So as a central player in the video industry, how can you boost quality of experience for your viewers while also cutting waste and lowering your carbon footprint? Audience-aware Streaming is a secure and solid solution.

Last year, in a two-part blog series, we touched on the advantages of audience-aware streaming. Our latest video highlights how audience-aware streaming helps you contribute to a better, cleaner, safer environment and future, while also improving quality and reducing costs.

Audience-aware Streaming is a Two-part Process

In standard streaming, video is encoded to a full ABR ladder consisting of a set of various profiles. In addition, the CDN is typically sized to support peak activity revolving around evening prime time. But these peak viewing times usually only occur a few hours of the day. So, for the rest of the day, the servers running the CDN are not used to full capacity. What if you could eliminate waste by encoding only the profiles that will be watched? And by being able to expand or reduce your CDN size in minutes? Connecting the encoder to the CDN and having an elastic CDN is the answer.

Audience-aware streaming works through a two-part process featuring data-driven encoding and a cloud-native elastic CDN. A feedback loop is created between the CDN and encoders to send data about the most popular profiles. In turn, the encoder automatically adjusts its transcoding to optimize the ABR ladder and eliminate wasted profiles. Meanwhile, the elastic CDN adapts to your traffic, scaling up and down as required. This allows you to reallocate server processing rather than running on idle waiting to serve typical daily peak traffic.

Save Money and the Planet While Boosting Quality of Experience

Ateme’s audience-aware streaming solution helps you eliminate unwatched profiles and adapt your CDN resources to diverse traffic conditions, which means you use fewer resources — and therefore lower costs and your carbon footprint. In turn, by streamlining the process, you’re able to offer viewers a faster, higher-quality viewing experience.

Intrigued? Check out our video on audience-aware streaming.