Beyond DVB-S2: Kyrion DR5000 and DR8400 rock with Novelsat NS3

by Nicolas Moreau, ATEME Senior Product Marketing Manager-Contribution

Nicolas Moreau, ATEME Senior Product Marketing Manager-Contribution“While the extensions of the DVB-S2 standard are almost being finalized, contribution service operators feel the urge to maximize the use of their transponders. More bits in the same number of Hertz.
With NS3 modulation, the EBU can carry more than 200 Mbps of video on a single 72MHz transponder.
A special demodulator is required to receive and demodulate this non-standard downlink and a powerful IRD is mandatory to ingest such high Bitrate MPTS.
Kyrion DR5000 and DR8400 receivers have been successfully deployed in this configuration and support such high bitrates without any issue. So the equation is simple: NS3 modulation + ATEME DR5000 = Flawless reception. Providing the best contribution products and being future proof to new technologies, this is what we want to be recognized for at ATEME.”

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NovelSat NS3