The new Ateme is here

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The new Ateme is here

I think I know exactly how Santa Claus and his little elves feel on Christmas Eve, after having spent a whole year carefully preparing a big surprise that is just about to be unveiled. They feel just like we, the Ateme marketing communications team, feel right now as I am writing. Excited. A little bit nervous. With bated breath.

Because, by the time you read this, our new logo will be out.

But what’s in a logo, and why did we change it?

Well, frankly, quite a lot is in this new logo and we had good reasons to change it.

Firstly, because Ateme is now bigger and offers the whole end-to-end solution for delivering video on any platform – from encoders to origin/packagers to CDN and even DAI solutions.

Secondly, because we like a little bit of fun and wanted our logo to be more playful, colorful, and rounded.

And thirdly, because we are becoming increasingly conscious of how important it is to reduce our impact on the planet when delivering video. So we chose the colors of nature – green grass and blue sky.

Oh! And did I mention the new tagline? We’re great at technology – transforming video delivery – but that technology has a purpose – to captivate your audience.

Enough talking. Just enjoy this short clip presenting our new logo:

I hope you like it as much as I do. And now that we’re done, it’s Santa and his little elves coming up next!