Building Efficient and Reliable Contribution Network Over IP

The key challenge for a news agency is to quickly deliver high-quality content from anywhere to HQ over a 24/7 reliable network. ATEME Kyrion encoder is ideal for such application. When combined with ATEME Kyrion decoder, it offers reliable high-quality, two-way feeds which, put together, powers managed private networks that can cover a full country.

ATEME Kyrion encoder and decoder power some of the largest IP-based contribution networks in Europe nationwide. Most decisive features are ultra-fast boot, hitless IP protection SMPTE 2022-7, and advanced IP output forwarding options like descrambling and services filtering for re-distribution.


  • Extensive FEC
  • Low delay
  • Error correction to ensure quality of service, even over open internet


  • FEC Pro MPEG and BISS
  • Latency < 100ms, broadcast quality
  • Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ) error correction feature