NPA Conseil, a French consulting group specialized in media and digital industry, has issued a report highlighting the dynamism of the catch-up TV market in France. To read this report, please click here.

During the past 3 years, a wide range of tablets and smart phones have been launched on to the market and consumer’s behavior has indeed radically changed. We are not only watching content on TV screens but also via companion screens. Gone are the days when we were slaves to TV schedules and we can now watch our favorite content, whenever we wish and wherever we desire.

Broadcasters are also pleased with this new Catch up TV trend as it increases opportunities for higher revenue within ad placements; but to be the best, content must be available right after the air broadcast up until several days after the live premiere. For some broadcasters this can be a burden.


ATEME developed a solution called TITAN, which resolves all Catch-up TV challenges. This innovative solution, flexible and scalable Intel®-based platform for multi-screen delivery, meets broadcasters’/content distributors’ requirements for high fidelity content by producing pristine video quality at the lowest bitrates. In addition, leveraging the processing capability of TITAN to transcode file as fast as possible, the ATEME solution addresses expectations of the immediate turnaround.

Rémi Beaudouin For more TITAN solution information, do not hesitate to contact our specialist: Rémi Beaudouin