Cyfrowy Polsat: DVB-T Distribution with mobile access

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Summary :

Group CyfrowyPolsat, the largest DTH operator in Poland integrated ATEME’s Kyrion encoder platform to deliver video and radio channels to its customers over mobile services in DVB-T.


Customer requirements and expectations:

  • Delivery of 10 standard definition video channels and 14 radio channels to CyfrowyPolsat’s customers over mobile services in DVB-T.
  • “TV Mobilna” users to enjoy a linear DVB-T television reception with additional capability of watching their favorite shows on their smartphones and tablets


Customer challenges:

  • Provide the complete video head delivering simultaneously in MPEG-4 SD and in lower resolutions for smartphones within a total constrained bandwidth of 24 Mbps
  • Broadcast the best quality of audio/video channels with the highest fidelity to the original sources
  • Build an comprehensive solution minimizing the operational expenditures


How could Kyrion Video Head End address these requirements?

    • Complete solution: ATEME is providing turn-key Video Head End with the integration of encoding, rate allocation, multiplexing, scrambling, electronic program guide insertion and DVB-T transmission systems.
    • High fidelity processing and interoperability: ATEME’s Kyrion AM2102 encoders feature best-in-class video encoding and advanced interoperability settings for TV/Mobile delivery
    • Operation-proof: Kyrion Network Management System enables complete supervision and easy channel extension with fully customized operator views on the system.


How is ATEME going beyond customer expectations?

      • Video quality enhancement: Relying on FPGA-based technology, ATEME‘s encoder video quality is constantly increasing, delivering a greater viewing experience.
      • Upgradability: AM2102 encoders are SD and HD capable. On-field upgrade to HD is simply done by uploading a license to the deployed AM2102.
      • Bandwidth optimization: Kyrion’s SR1000 rate allocation benefits allows 20 channels (10 for TV and 10 for mobile) and 14 radio channels to fit in less than 24Mbps with a broadcast quality.
      • Rapidity in execution: The complete Video Head End has been designed and set up in less than a month.