DAI: Captivate your audience and Catapult profits

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Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is one way to catapult your profits when faced with increasing competition. It enables new revenue streams and boosts revenues in existing streams. But deploying DAI involves several potential pitfalls.

First off is the risk of turning off your audience. Not because they don’t like personalized ads – in fact, most studies show people prefer receiving ads that are relevant to their needs. But when you show ads that interrupt the viewing experience – with buffers or lower-quality images – you drop engagement and risk losing your audience. You don’t want that. To captivate your audience, you need to make sure the technology you choose makes a smooth transition from the main content to the ad content. This can sometimes be achieved if you use the same family of encoders for both live and file content – so both live and file content are treated exactly the same way.

The second pitfall is limiting the reach of your ads. What if viewers have ad-blockers, or devices that are not compatible? You want to make sure you maximize your reach so that all the intended audience can see your ads. This means your technology needs to be immune to ad blockers and be able to reach any device. This is ensured by Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI).

Thirdly, with so many different technology components to integrate, how long is it going to be before you can actually launch ad campaigns and start raking in the money? And then, what if one component is upgraded? Will you have to go through integration all over again? How much will that cost – in terms of money, time, and headaches? You’ll probably want to buy a solution that is tightly integrated with solid partnerships – or, even better, one that comes from a supplier of end-to-end solutions.

And finally, what if you launch new platforms in the future – for example, broadcast today and OTT tomorrow? How complex will it be to manage if you have different technologies for DAI in each system? You’ll need a solution that can be used across different platforms as you expand into new ways of delivering video. One that you can use on OTT, broadcast, FAST, HbbTV and NextGen TV platforms.

At this year’s NAB Show, we demoed DAI over NextGen TV. I believe we are the first to have shown this. But of course, our solution works on other platforms, too.