Europe’s institutions rely on Ateme’s technology for the multi-language simultaneous broadcasting of events.

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Everybody knows that twenty eight countries make up the European Union, but do they know that there are 24 official languages and that 23 of them are actively interpreted? Having some friends working for the European Union, and myself being from a new European member country, I had some vague idea of translation needs and the huge amount of work to do in this field. But I did not realize that simultaneous translation of 23 languages incredibly required more than 500 translators!

One of the great demonstrations was carrying out live streaming on TV, internetand radio during the presidential debate broadcast in twenty three languages in May 2014.

People across the 30 countries were able to watch the debate in their own language. The translation was done instantly with no resulting delay in the video transmission. This technological demonstration was made possible by a mix of different technologies including the Televic TCS5500 digital conference system used for the instant translation into the official languages and Ateme Kyrion CM5000 MPEG contribution encoders. The standard version of Kyrion used has the capability to encode one video and up to thirty-two separate digital mono audios. The video can be encoded in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, the audios in MPEG-1 Layer 2. This technology is also used on a day-to-day basis by the audiovisual service of the European Parliament.

To experience incredible streaming in all languages and to learn more about the debate and technology used, please follow the link here

Dorota Bouskela
Corporate Marketing