Nov. 13, 2023Nov. 16, 2023

4K-HDR Summit

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How do you wow your audiences in the increasingly competitive media industry?

Discover the future of video at 4K HDR Summit, where Ateme will showcase:

  • Pristine quality video and Next-Gen Audio using VVC
  • New and more efficient delivery to mobile devices using 5G Broadcast
  • Enhanced in-venue experiences that attract younger generations.

What: 4K-HDR Summit

When: November 13-14 (onsite) + 15-16 (online), 2023

Where: Digital Content Hub

              15 Avenue Sister Teresa Prat

Malaga, Spain

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Challenges for Paris 2024 and Beyond

November 14, at 10.45 am


Mickaël Raulet, CTO, Ateme

Mario Reis, Director of Telecommunications & OTT, Olympic Broadcasting Services

Mickaël Raulet, Chief Technology Officer

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