Aug. 7, 2023Aug. 10, 2023


Accueil / Events / SET EXPO 2023

Ateme is excited to see you at SET EXPO 2023 and share solutions to help you:

  • Transform broadcast delivery opportunities through TV 2.5 and TV 3.0  
  • Develop new revenue streams through targeted advertising
  • Create great customer experiences with winning video quality and low-latency OTT

When: August 7 – 10, 2023

Where: Booth #39

Expo Centre Norte

Pavilhão Azul

Rua José Bernardo Pinto

333 – Vila Guilherme, São Paolo

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Williams Tovar, 5G Media Streaming Solutions Director at Ateme

And to learn how 5G can help you attract and retain viewers, monetize your video services, create immersive experiences. and increase profitability, don’t miss the presentation by Ateme’s 5G Media Streaming Solutions Director Williams Tovar:

Cost-effective and Profitable High-quality Video Services Over 5G and 5G-Broadcast

When: August 7, 2023

2 PM

Where: Room 2

To learn why CMAF is increasingly gaining ground as an alternative to the traditional TS format for first-mile delivery and discover its key features, benefits, and implementation architecture, check out the presentation by Ateme’s Senior Innovations and Technologies Engineer, Robin Hérin:

A Larger Scope of CMAF Usage for Video Delivery

When: Thursday, August 10

4 pm

Where: Room 2

Let’s meet in São Paolo at SET EXPO 2023!