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ATEME elected corporate member of the SCTE

The Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers called The Society for Broadband Professionals is a non-profit organization whose aim is to raise the standard of broadband engineering, to promote general advancements and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst its members in the telecommunications industry.

The Society was founded in 1945 and originally called “The Society of Relay Engineers”. With the arrival of cable television, in 1972 it becomes “Society of Cable Television Engineers”. Driven by the advent of telephony and data services on cable, The Society changed the name again in 1994, to become – “Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers”. Since 2008, has also been known as the “The Society for Broadband Professionals” – and covers the whole range of broadband telecommunications.

The SCTE is headquartered in the UK but have active members in more than 40 countries over the world.

We have been delighted and proud to learn that the Executive Committee has formally approved the election of ATEME asCorporate Member of the Society. We are excited to experience all networking opportunities facilitated by the SCTE in the future. (This year we participated in a very well attended Balkan Broadband conference and exhibition and at the SCTE Autumn Lecture in London). The SCTE runs a number of successful technical lectures every year! Training activities, conferences and exhibitions are various. This is a great place to meet people, broaden ones contacts, learn about technological advances (4K, HEVC), and discuss up-to-the minute subjects. The SCTE also publishes a “Broadband” magazine where one can find news, technical data and standards updates (including ATEME’s technological paper published in the February 2014 issue of Broadband Journal of the SCTE).

To learn more about the SCTE please go directly to the Society website: http://www.thescte.eu/