FranceTelevisions and ATEME to present 4K research at the next SMPTE technical conference in Hollywood

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Jérôme Vieron (PhD), ATEME Advanced research manager and Matthieu Parmentier, Project manager R&D from FranceTelevisions will be presenting the 25th of October at 2.30 pm in Salon2 the first research concerning 4K TV and HEVC codec (High Efficiency Video Coding) at the occasion of SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition – 23 – 25 October 2012, taking place in the Loews Hollywood Hotel, 1755 North Highland Ave, Hollywood.
Together they will be speaking about the progress on the HEVC which is allowing broadcasters to reduce the bandwidth needed to deliver Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV).

posted by Monika Ceskova Fourneaux

4K TV capture, an early experience sharing

As the French public broadcaster, editor of 13 channels, 4 of which HD, francetélévisions studies 4KTV broadcasting scenarios for its premium programs. Enhancing the sense of realness, the viewing comfort and creating an immersive experience, such is the quest of any incumbent broadcaster looking to embrace the future of television. francetélévisions has undertaken 4K/60p production experiments to evaluate future workflows, and specifically work on adapting filming methods and materials. The Quality of Experience is evaluated taking into account the impact of compression on both 4K digital content and scanned films, with a specific attention to noise levels. After providing an early first report of available 4K cameras suitable for TV applications, the impact of compression technology on different types of 4k content will be presented, with a particular focus on HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) codec as the natural compression standard for upcoming 4KTV applications.

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