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ATEME wins the « export excellence » prize from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Essonne

"Horizon" Trophée de l'international - Vaamonde DavidATEME is a winner again with the « export excellence » prize from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Essonne.

A beautiful sculpture from a Spanish artist, David Vaamonde can be seen gracing our showroom.

The prize comes with several benefits of services from the CCI, CCE, Ubifrance and Coface, all of them being already long lasting and much appreciated partners of ATEME’s international strategy.

And now a few words from Emmanuel Boureau who is heading the sales teams in EMEA and APAC.

Dorota Bouskela: Could you please tell us why ATEME competed for this prize?Emmanuel Boureau

Emmanuel Boureau: Well, simply put, more visibility never hurts!
Obviously it’s beneficial both internally and externally. It’s nice recognition for our past efforts and it’s very motivating for our teams to know that their performance puts the company under the spotlight.

DB: Why do you think ATEME won?
EB: ATEME matches all criteria of the typical SME our government wants to help succeed and grow. We are highly innovative in a high tech space, we design and manufacture in France, we have more than 90% sales out of France and more than 50% out of Europe, we are growing and we have a high end positioning!

DB: Can you elaborate on this high end positioning?
EB: I mean we differentiate on the quality of our solutions, and we also extend this focus on excellence to all aspects of the relationship we develop with our clients.
We could describe our client base in the same way – we sell to the most highly respected brands around the globe.
There is no greater motivation than selling great products to great clients!

DB:Thank you Emmanuel. A last word about the hot topic of the moment?

EB: We are finishing 2013 very strongly, we’ve just opened an office in Singapore and are firming up our plans for next year. Exciting times!

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