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This year’s Mile High Video 2019 (mhv/2019) is now just a few days away, taking place on 30th – 31st July in Denver, Colorado. The two-day technical workshop, organised by Comcast, will bring together a host of broadcasters, network providers and OTT players, including ATEME’s very own Mickaël Raulet Director, Research & Innovations, to explore a number of critical challenges faced by the industry.

Visitors to mhv/2019 at the Grand Hyatt hotel will be able to catch Mickaël in action at 10.40am on Tuesday 30th July, when he will be delivering the talk: ‘Content-Aware Encoding for Next-Gen Content’. This will see Mickaël share his expertise on how the future challenges of video compression on next gen content, such as 8K, HDR, WCG and HFR, can be met by leveraging both expertise in optimised compression and the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

Among the topics set to be explored by Mickaël during his presentation will be immersive next gen content and why, despite constant improvements in technology, processing and transmitting such an astonishing amount of information remains an incredible challenge for the industry. Mickaël will also consider the future of ITU-T ISO/IEC VVC is promising a 50% coding efficiency gain, compared to HEVC, together with strategies like UHD forum Phase B guidelines, recommended content aware encoding will leverage the deployment of the next gen content.

As well as hearing from Mickaël, attendees will also be able to listen to a number of other industry technical experts as they discuss proven methods to solve some of streaming’s toughest problems. Some of the challenges at the heart of the event will be securing OTT against piracy, ATSC 3.0 personalisation and innovations in protocol and web APIs, to name but a few.


Book your tickets to mhv/2019 here and don’t miss out on Mickaël ’s fascinating talk on the future of encoding.