Kyrion CM5000 – the latest ATEME encoder is out now!

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After the revolutionary EAVC4, H.264 encoder designed for mutli-screen transcoding, ATEME comes yet again with a new hardware encoder for contribution Kyrion CM5000.

Watch online: The new ATEME Kyrion CM5000 encoder is out now! Interview of Rémi Beaudouin, Director of Product Marketing at ATEME with Monika Ceskova-Fourneaux, Communication Manager.

Rémi BEAUDOUIN, ATEME Marketing Director, answers some basic questions on Kyrion CM5000 encoder.

MCF : What makes Kyrion CM5000 so unique?

CM5000 represents a major step for the ATEME Contribution offering. The complete modularity of this new hardware encoder allows Operators to address all uses cases of IP and Satellite Contribution within a unique platform: single or dual channel, built-in modulation or not, support for all MPEG-2/MPEG-4 video compression standards and profiles are some key features of Kyrion CM5000.

MCF: Which aspects drove Kyrion CM5000 design ?

Operations ! We placed Operators and usability at the heart of the design process. ATEME teams paid close attention to usability of user interface and front panel as well as light weight, lower power consumption and fast booting time.

MCF: Is Kyrion CM5000 interoperable with Contribution market decoders, including ATEME decoders ?

Absolutely. ATEME policy is to guarantee a total interoperability with 3rd-party equipment (as opposed to proprietary systems). Kyrion CM5000 is especially compatible with ATEME’s DR8100 and DR84000.

MCF: When is Kyrion CM5000 available ?

Kyrion CM5000 is available since Sept 10th. Do not hesitate to contact your ATEME sale representative to have pricing details.

Encoder CM5000

Posted by Monika Ceskova Fourneaux