Leveraging the Cloud for Media Content Processing

Leveraging the Cloud for Media Content Processing

Media content producers and distributors are increasingly leveraging the cloud to run their businesses. Indeed, many newcomers in the industry (primarily OTT distributors) have started their businesses in the cloud with no on-premise media processing at all. The cloud offers multiple benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery with no CAPEX investment
  • Reduced Capital Expenses
  • New businesses & practices

In order to realize the benefits of the cloud, while avoiding its pitfalls , it is imperative to gain a good understanding of various cloud technologies, their pros and cons, and how they relate to media processing (both file-based and live).

This technical White Paper aims to clarify some of the more common – and generic – technical concepts associated with the cloud. It also provides concrete examples of media processing using cloud technologies by describing the cloud-adapted architecture of the ATEME software modular suite.

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