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Summary :

ATEME enabled Mediapro to transport Premium sport content over an IP network.

Customer requirements and expectations:

Mediapro, the leading technical services supplier to the audiovisual sector in Spain required a solution to transport Premium sport content over an IP network, that could smoothly connect 60 locations, including 42 stadiums to Mediapro production facility.

Customer challenges

  • A pristine video quality enabling a true HD experience with challenging sport contents.
  • A complete interoperability with IRDs from other vendors


How could ATEME’s CM4101 File meet these requirements?

  • Quality : Best-in-class video codec developed by ATEME for 10 years.
  • Standard : ATEME provide state-of-the-art MPEG-4/ H.264 encoding, respecting the native 4:2:2 10-bit depth of the cameras.
  • Complete interoperability : ATEME AM2101 encoders are featuring advanced interoperability settings
  • Robustness : Full control on the 100% hardware live encoding technology with numerous patents.


How is ATEME going beyond customer expectations?

  • With FPGA-based Encoding technology, ATEME ‘s encoder video quality is constantly increasing, delivering a greater viewing experience.
  • CM4101 supports native IP interfaces and advanced VLAN functionalities allowing multicast streaming and simultaneous streaming up to 8 different multicast addresses.
  • IP contribution required advanced Forward Error Correction mechanisms. CM4101 is supporting the FEC Pro MPEG CoP3r2 (SMPTE2022) to ensure every transmission.