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Wednesday, April 9 2014

ATEME demo of multi-screen headendI’ve been coming to NAB for a number of years (we’ll omit the exact number!) and this was the first time I recall a booth being completely busy the entire day on a Wednesday. While the crowds usually subside a bit on Wednesday, the traffic at the ATEME booth was heavy the entire day.

Word really gets around and we had a lot of visitors that were referred to us from others. The LiveSphere 360-degree demonstration that I wrote about earlier continued to generate extensive interest (I think the lines got longer each day for that demo).

Many customers and visitors stopped by to talk about our TITAN Live and File transcoding platforms, including TITAN Live’s SDI input option that now enables transcoding from any source to any format; and TITAN supports 4Kp60 HEVC encoding to complement the MPEG-2 and AVC formats, as well as all the adaptive bit rate profiles for mobile devices. Interest in HEVC continues to grow and it’s great to be able to demonstrate the functionality and quality of the products we offer to customers looking for the best solution.

NAB wraps up on Thursday, and judging by the first three days of the show it’s been a tremendous success for all of us at ATEME.

Tim Jackson, VP, Media and Distribution Platform Sales