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This Success Story describes migration of the National Film Board of Canada new file-based workflow to support a multi-screen delivery strategy around ATEME’s TITAN video processing platform. This Success Story summarizes the process and decision criteria adopted so that the new workflow would meet the Board’s requirements for content quality, operational scalability and standards compliance everywhere, on any device.

Customer requirements and expectations:

NFB was looking to extend its online Screening Room to mobile devices. The targeted solution had to address the growing demand for media consumption across all types of screens, and increase audience with innovative services for phones and tablets.

Customer challenges:

  • Preserve high degree of audio/video fidelity to the original source
  • Maximize interoperability with various end-user devices
  • Ensure operational scalability within Service Oriented Architecture workflow


How could ATEME address these requirements?

  • High fidelity: Processing optimization for audio/video encoding, muxing and chunking
  • Interoperability: Full control on codec and wrapper technologies matching streaming /adaptive streaming requirements.
  • Operational scalability: Ultra-dense Intel®-based blade platform featuring integrated network switches, redundancy management and open API.


How is ATEME going beyond customer expectations?

NFB and ATEME were involved in a long-lasting cooperation including frequent meetings to analyze new market demands, map the meaningful features on a roadmap and agree on a delivery and installation schedule. This cooperation was essential to meet NFB’s requirements for keeping up with new and improved ways of accessing content everywhere.