4EVER-2 – for Enhanced Video Experience (2015- 2017, FUI19)

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Define and validate the television of the future is the goal of 4EVER-2. A collaborative project funded by the French government which aims to improve the video quality of experience thanks to Ultra High Definition TV (UHD-TV) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard.

The 4EVER-2 project gathers nine industrial and academic partners, recognized in international standardization bodies, each of them with complementary skills throughout the distribution chain.
They are willing to develop technologies that will enable the distribution of audiovisual content improving the video quality of experience at a complete live production chain, distribution and reception of UHD-TV format Phase 2 content. It will contribute to define, via international standardization committees, a UHD-TV format Phase 2 « High Fidelity » adapted to the specificities of digital television services and their evolution.
4EVER-2 aims at contributing to the standardization bodies (MPEG, ITU, DVB) and at disseminating results to tradeshows (NAB and IBC).
The HEVC technology is central to ATEME strategy. Its objective, by joining the 4EVER and 4EVER-2 projects, is to integrate HEVC standard support in all of its ”High fidelity” encoding solutions: contribution, live and file distribution.

All partners/funders:
The 4EVER-2 project, a consortium of nine industrial and academic French partners (Orange, ATEME, AMP-VisualTV, France Télévisions, Globecast, TeamCast, Highlands Technologies Solutions, INSA-IETR and Télécom ParisTech), (2015 – 2017) is supported by funding from the French government, 2 competitiveness clusters (Cap Digital and Images&Réseaux) and territorial authorities around Paris and in Brittany (“Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France” and “Conseil Régional de Bretagne”).

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