Peer to Peer Ultra-HD (4K) video streaming unveiled at LeWeb’13

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World first in streaming technologies

Streaming Ultra HD P2P - France TélévisionsEurope’s largest event dedicated to the web industry LeWeb’13 took place in Paris this week, December 10-12.
Startups and web professionals were given the opportunity to explore today’s brightest technological innovations and dive into new ideas that could shape the future landscape of internet.
ATEME, LG Electronic and StreamRoot worked with France Télévisions to demonstrate a world first in streaming technologies.
Ultra-HD (4K) content was encoded by ATEME and streamed to a JavaScript/HTML5 SteamRoot client application that optimizes CDN usage using Peer to Peer progressive download.
The result was shown on a magnificent 65’ LG TV screen. With StreamRoot Technology, a video client will connect to other viewers’ machines that are accessing the same video, and will then download parts of it directly from peers rather than from a more distant server.

We are very pleased to say that it has been showcased for the first time in the world on Ultra-HD contents and that our encoder was a part of that demonstration.

For more information about the event and the demo (in French) please click here.