Pierre LARBIER, CTO at ATEME, shares his opinion on Video Codec for Contribution applications

Pierre LARBIER, CTO at ATEME, communicate his opinion on Video Codex for Contribution applications,

by Monika Fourneaux Ceskova

Satis, 10th November 2011. Pierre Larbier, CTO at ATEME, presented in brief his view on the solution for contribution applications and content optimization at round table conference.

4:2:2 10-bit AVC-I, is presently the best solution for intra-only contribution applications, improving delivery for better quality of content”, said Pierre Larbier. To illustrate this, Pierre presented a new video quality evaluation of various contribution codecs.

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About Pierre Larbier
Pierre Larbier is ATEME’s Chief Technology Officer and a renowned expert in the field of algorithmic design and MPEG / H.264 video compression. He has specifically dealt with video encoder architecture and designs for a wide range of platforms and applications: from low-power single DSP solutions to ultra-high quality FPGA based HD broadcast encoders. Pierre obtained his engineering degree from INSA, Rennes, France, with a specialization in electronics. He is a DVB & SMPTE active member.

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