From 12 to 16 September 2014 / At the RAI Amsterdam convention center / Hall 8 – Booth 8.F12

4EVER (for Enhanced Video Experience) is a French collaborative project, organized as a consortium of 9 industrial and academic partners working on enhancing video Quality of Experience. For the last 2 years, they have been conducting work on leading-edge technologies paving the way for the introduction of Ultra High Definition on TV services, on both the image format (UHD-TV) and the encoding standard aspects (HEVC).

4EVER partners are now investigating UHD-TV phase 2 and will promote their upcoming results at IBC2014: Better images thanks to better motion, better colors, better contrast!

No less than 4 extremely visual demonstrations will be shown on the 4EVER booth:

  • Better motion: High Frame Rate (HFR) is expected to reduce jerkiness and improve sharpness in case of high motion content. 4EVER will show what current technologies can achieve at 120 frames per second (fps)
  • Better colors: Wide Color Gamut (WCG) is expected to result in more realistic colors. 4EVER will show what benefit is actually possible today;
  • Better contrast: High Dynamic Range (HDR) is expected to provide more natural contrasts when a scene includes areas of high or low brightness. 4EVER will show how this technology can solve specific problems.
  • Better images: Even if UHD-TV phase 1 (3840×2160 pixels) has already been tested and demonstrated several times by 4EVER, IBC2014 will be an opportunity to reveal exceptional images, shot during the World Equestrian Games in Normandy this September 2014!

4EVER‘s studies help to spotlight industrial choices which are decisive for the entire industry concerning UHD-TV and HEVC. 4EVER has been a very early producer of UHD-TV phase 1 (3840×2160 pixels) high quality content. By sharing this content with international research communities (MPEG, EBU…), 4EVER partners actively contribute to the international standardization of tomorrow’s TV. 4EVER partners also performed subjective visual assessments of HEVC video coding standard and of UHD-TV formats. They proved the 50% bitrate reduction on both interlaced and progressive HD-TV content. They also provided public results on visual assessments of UHD-TV format compared to HD-TV format.
At the NAB Show 2014, 4EVER partners showed that UHD-TV phase 1 is ready for both DVB-T2 and OTT services. While one demonstration was focusing on DVB-T2 high quality transmission of UHD-TV contents, another one was howing HEVC bitrate adaptation with DASH used to stream UHD-TV to an HTML5 browser, thus allowing a smooth viewing experience through variations in the network bandwidth.Today 4EVER is another step ahead, showing the visual improvements that TV-services end-users can expect from Ultra HD-TV phase 2 (HFR, WCG and HDR) technologies.

About 4EVER:

Initiated in 2012, the 4EVER consortium (for Enhanced Video ExpeRience) includes nine industrial and academic French partners with the aim of advancing French research about UHD-TV and HEVC. This collaborative project is supported by the French government, two competitiveness clusters, local authorities and the European Regional Development Fund. For more information about the 4EVER project: