Arkena is Working on a Cloud Transcoding Service Powered by ATEME

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PARIS, MIAMI, SINGAPORE, AUGUST 30, 2016 – ATEME today announced that Arkena, one of Europe’s leading media services companies, has selected ATEME to work on its next-generation cloud transcoding service. By running encoding in the cloud, Arkena will get hardware abstraction, operational simplicity, service elasticity and the ability to host multiple users in a single infrastructure. Their customers may then utilize the cloud on demand as an elastic infrastructure, depending on their activity. This is what is called pay-per-use model, allowing more flexibility and scaling than a dedicated infrastructure.

ATEME provides a truly hardware-agnostic Network Function Virtualization, and a video service oriented management system based on OpenStack. It allows for improved redundancy schemes, quick deployment time for services. On top of all of these OPEX savings there are also some pure CAPEX savings as fewer different boxes and spares need to be maintained.

Francois Lignon, VP Products at Arkena explained “Cloud transcoding and processing with broadcast quality and high security is the big topic in the media industry. Integrating Ateme transcoders with Arkena’s cloud based orchestrator, Harmony, will allow us to propose private or hybrid cloud transcoding capabilities with high SLA and security. Those differentiators are becoming critical for customers with the increase of 4K content processing “.

“ATEME’s cloud philosophy is to enable our customers to either run their video processing in the cloud or offer a cloud based service to their customers. We also enable customers to balance between on-premises, private cloud and public cloud”, said Christophe Deffontaines, EMEA Sales Director at ATEME. “ATEME can offer an additional management and monitoring service on top of any of the selected model, either permanently or for a transition period as customers ramp up their own personnel.”


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