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Eliminates Cost Barriers to 4K Encoding Including Dolby Vision for Ultra HD Blu-ray™

AMSTERDAM (September 09, 2022) – Scenarist, LLC, the developer of Hollywood-standard professional physical format authoring systems, today announced that Scenarist has expanded its “Scenarist Live” annual subscription program to include Ateme’s TITAN File encoding platform. The program expansion makes 4K HDR encoding including Dolby Vision immediately affordable for any size production facility and eliminates the high costs associated with starting an Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring business.

“We have been working with Scenarist since 2015 to help launch the Ultra HD Blu-ray format in combination with their global-standard authoring systems, and we are delighted that Ateme TITAN File will now be a part of their successful Scenarist Live subscription program,” said Michel Artieres, CEO of Ateme located in Paris, France. “Now more facilities will be able to easily expand their authoring and encoding services with a Scenarist Live subscription that includes the very best 4K encoding, which will mean more Ultra HD Blu-ray titles worldwide.”

The Ateme TITAN File encoding platform is in-use daily to create titles for the world’s most recognized content owners and is renowned not only for its image quality and processing power, but also its multi-role encoding capability to deliver streams for both Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as for OTT streaming platforms, making it the obvious choice for production businesses everywhere. The Scenarist Live subscription program eliminates the massive purchase authoring start-up costs for new commercial authoring companies and enables existing Scenarist authoring service providers to easily add Ultra HD Blu-ray title creation to their business at a fraction of the prior cost. Together, Scenarist UHD authoring and Ateme TITAN encoding are the most used combination for creating Ultra HD Blu-ray titles.

“Adding commercial level 4K encoding has been a massive barrier to entry on Ultra HD Blu-ray, but not anymore thanks to our great partnership with Ateme,” said Rolf Hartley, managing partner at Scenarist located in Novato, California. “Now, Scenarist Live with the Ateme TITAN makes adding Ultra HD Blu-ray services a reality for any size company and enables them to instantly deliver quality results that can rival even the largest facilities around the world.”

Physical format titles continue to provide consumers with the best entertainment experiences on a no-compromise, affordable, and permanent platform which makes the Scenarist Live subscription program more important than ever for facilities that need to expand their services while maintaining cost control. Scenarist Live with the Ateme TITAN 4K encoding platform is available immediately. Contact Scenarist at or your Scenarist reseller.

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