Ateme to showcase its end-to-end solutions for delivering and monetizing High Quality of Experience video over any platform at the 2022 NAB Show

Accueil / Press / Ateme to showcase its end-to-end solutions for delivering and monetizing High Quality of Experience video over any platform at the 2022 NAB Show

  • The multinational company, leader in video delivery and video compression, will have solutions demos, presentations and panels at the show.
  • Low-latency streaming deployments and the use of 5G for both broadcast and streaming, and the demo of next-generation video codec VVC will be some of the innovations to be presented in Las Vegas. 
  • Ateme will present solutions addressing challenges throughout the video-delivery workflow – including contribution to the Cloud, media supply chain management, Cloud distribution, NEXTGEN TV with Dynamic Ad Insertion, low-latency streaming, as well as monetization– in booth W3512.

Las Vegas, 5th April 2022 – Ateme will return to the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas, from 24th to 27th of April, to showcase its end-to-end solutions for video delivery – from contribution and media supply chain management all the way to the CDN – as well as its monetization options including Dynamic Ad Insertion and Open Caching CDN.

Ateme’s participation in the NAB Show, the world’s leading marketplace and event for professionals in media and entertainment, will combine use cases demonstrations, presentations and panel debates, both at Ateme’s stand (W3512) and in other areas of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As a global leader in video compression, delivery and streaming solutions with innovation at its core, Ateme will demonstrate low-latency deployments such as the one announced recently, 5G streaming projects such as NESTED, and the next-generation video coding codec, VVC, delivered to a screen for the first time at the NAB Show this year. The efficiency of this codec has already been proved in the innovation labs of some recent premium sports events.

This year, our participation in the 2022 NAB Show is full of surprises. We are thrilled to showcase how our end-to-end multi/hydrid Cloud solutions help our customers drive the acquisition of new viewers with smooth and flawless delivery, while generating new revenue flow,’ says Rémi Beaudouin, CSO of Ateme. ‘’By owning and mastering the full technology stack of compression, packaging and streaming – and so all the server-side analytics associated with these – we are in a unique position to provide solutions that can dynamically deliver the best content experience.

Mickaël Raulet, CTO of Ateme, will be presenting the paper Broadcast Technologies: The Future of Delivery & 5Gdetailing how to deliver linear TV over 5G broadcast using readily available commodity tools and commercial devices, and discussing potential synergies with ATSC 3.0 A/331 as well as the possibilities for Brazil’s TV 3.0 project.

Note to the Editor:

Below is a list of all the activities Ateme will be involved in during NAB.

Members of the press can request individual press appointments with Ateme’s spokespersons at the event using the contact details at the bottom.

At the booth

Showcases and demos

Your ultimate viewing experience

Ateme will showcase a superior quality of experience enabled by:

  • Next-generation video coding (VVC)
  • High-fidelity film grain synthesis
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Your content factory

Ateme will show its intuitive, no-code solution to automate file-based workflows, from content aggregation to quality control and publishing on-prem and in the Cloud.

It will also show how this solution can transform metadata to support multiple platforms, from content providers to cable operators and more.

Contribution to the cloud

Ateme will showcase a contribution encoder/decoder using SRT and RIST, 2110, JPG XS distribution links to the Cloud.

The company will also demonstrate its ability to protect premium content through BISS-CA and integration with watermarking technologies.


Ateme enables a high-fidelity experience with targeted ad insertion and personalization in NEXTGEN TV.

Your primary distribution

Ateme will showcase CMAF ingest: a modern way to do primary distribution using fragmented MP4 (fMP4), using Ateme’s live encoder and packager.

Your streaming solution

Ateme will show how it supports end-to-end delivery (from encoding to playout) of low-latency streams in both HLS and DASH.

Ateme will also discuss the monetization of CDN with Open Caching and the efficiencies brought by its unique elastic CDN capabilities.

Lastly, Ateme will demonstrate how its server-side analytics solution enables the dynamic optimization of video compression and delivery.

Monetize your service

Ateme will showcase its solution for server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion, and discuss how it fits in a low-latency architecture

Beyond the booth

Showcases and demos

  • 5G demos in Ateme meeting room W4930MR and in Rohde & Schwarz booth (N3625)

In meeting room W4930MR, Ateme will showcase its 5G NESTED demo: highly efficient end-to-end low-latency streaming over 5G of hybrid multicast and unicast low-latency streams to televisions and mobile phones. Attendants will also discover Ateme’s solution for 5G broadcast.

The Rohde & Schwarz booth (N3625) will showcase the latest developments of the 5G VISTA project, which Ateme joined last May to provide video compression and encoding solutions, enabling live content to be delivered over the 5G broadcast network, for new in-stadium experiences.

  • VVC encoding on UHD Forum booth (W6132)

Ateme will contribute to a demo showing live next-generation video coding, VVC, at the UHD Forum’s booth, using Ateme encoders and including immersive audio.


  • NextGen Now Demo Lab Theater in the Connect I-Zone Implementation area

Simple ABCs of ATSC

Presentation of the latest innovations and personalization for NEXTGEN TV based on Ateme’s encoders.

Speaker: Dave Brass, VP Strategy and Market Development, North America, Ateme

Every day from Sunday to Tuesday | 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

  • The NAB Show Conference

ATSC 3.0, DVB-I and TV3.0 Services via 5G Broadcast – System Design and Reference Tools

Paper Presentation – Broadcast Technologies: The Future of Delivery & 5G

Speaker: Mickaël Raulet, CTO, Ateme

Monday, April 25 | 9:55 AM – 10:15 AM | W307-W309

Panel Debates and speaking slots

  • Connected Media | IP and Future of Delivery @ NAB Show 2022

Rémi Beaudouin, CSO, Ateme, will participate in a panel debate on Meeting the demand for a content-everywhere future

Monday, April 25 | 4:20 PM – 5:00 PM | W10619 – CMIP Debate Theater

  • Connected Media | IP and Future of Delivery @ NAB Show 2022 – Speaking Slot

Andrew Audet, VP Global Business Development and Partnerships, Ateme, will present: How to keep streaming quality up and costs down when going global

Monday, April 25 | 3:20 PM – 3:40 PM | W10619 – CMIP Debate Theater

  • AWS Theater at NAB

Julien Carrat, Cloud Solution Architect, Ateme, and Mark Nicastro, Director Product Management, Comcast Technology Solutions, will present: How did CTS scale VOD cloud transcoding for Sky?

Tuesday, April 26 | 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

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