DIRECTV Latin America has announced today the deployment of the ATEME leading edge MPEG-4/AVC H.264 10-bit 4:2:2 codec platform to bring back pristine feeds from South Africa in order to broadcast the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the best quality high definition. ATEME will supply its second generation Kyrion CM4101 Encoders and DR8400 Decoders to support 10-bit 4:2:2 to DIRECTV.

“We would only settle for the best product to match the best production of the FIFA World Cup in the region,” said Jose Platão Rocha, Vice President of Broadcast Operations and Production for DIRECTV Latin America. “We will deliver the most comprehensive and impressive broadcast of the event ever seen in the region. We are very pleased with finding in ATEME the answer to our needs. For the first time we can fulfill the true potential of MPEG-4 technology. Until now we had to settle for MPEG-2 with 8-bit quality compression at high bit rates. ATEME’s technology is ahead of the game. It not only puts us in the lead position when it comes to video quality but we are also prepared for the future as the platform is software upgradable to 1080p60”, concluded Mr. Rocha.

Howard Barouxis, Vice President & GM Americas at ATEME added: “Our revolutionary technology will enable DIRECTV to transmit live coverage from World Cup venues through mobile broadcast trucks and uplinks in the best possible quality. Bringing content back to the NOC in 10 Bit will allow final transmission to the consumer to be of unmatched quality. DIRECTV is once again a leading operator taking advantage of this breakthrough technology. We expect everyone to move to 10-bit H.264 eventually as this is the best standard for video contribution at far lower network operating costs.”


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ATEME is a world leading provider of MPEG-4 / H.264 and MPEG-2 bandwidth efficient compression technology. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely for broadcast contribution links, distribution, multi-screen live streaming, OTT and VOD applications.

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