Globo and Ateme provide immersive audio for live over-the-air commercial coverage of several events, including the World Cup in Qatar this year

Accueil / Press / Globo and Ateme provide immersive audio for live over-the-air commercial coverage of several events, including the World Cup in Qatar this year

Paris, France, 13 December 2022 – Globo, the Brazilian mediatech company, is pushing the boundaries of audio distribution for over-the-air broadcasting in Brazil as the country moves toward TV 3.0, the country’s next-generation Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) system. Ateme’s KYRION encoder platform is playing a key role in this push by providing low-latency immersive audio codecs. Furthermore, Ateme is also providing enabling technologies behind the immersive sound experience that Globo is currently delivering to viewers during all matches in the World Cup in Qatar, held from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

The improved audio experiences are available to viewers over the commercial free-to-air television in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Globo’s Recife market, based on Dolby ATMOS and MPEG-H formats which are presented in the current TV 2.5 Brazilian standards. These DTT standards help to influence the hardware market to develop televisions, set-top boxes, and accessories to support those advanced features.

Ateme’s technology-agnostic, low-latency video and immersive-audio codec enables immersive-audio experiences in the TV 2.5 expanded live channel, as well as providing a clear path for the transition to TV 3.0.

Uirá Moreno, TV Globo, said, “The World Cup is a tremendous opportunity for us to take a significant step to improve user experience with the current TV standard and to look forward to the next generation soon. We welcome the support of trusted partners like Ateme whose expertise and dedication will enable us to complete this crucial step for TV 2.5 production.”

Julien Mandel, Solution Marketing Senior Director, Contribution & Distribution Segment at Ateme, said, “TV Globo is a major player in the Brazilian broadcast sector. As such, its forward-thinking and proactive approach is crucial to the successful implementation of TV 2.5. Ateme is proud to be part of TV Globo’s live production project to affirm the possibilities for next-gen audio for TV 2.5 over-the-air broadcasting.”

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