TiVi S.A. Launches New Terrestrial Service in Haiti Based on ATEME’s “Headend in a Box”

LAS VEGAS (National Association of Broadcasters, South Hall, Upper, Booth #SU7102)ATEME, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions for the broadcast industry, announced today that an innovative digital terrestrial TV service is being launched next month in Haiti by a new pay TV operator TiVi.

Built around the TITAN software platform from ATEME, TiVi will combine advanced DVB-T2 transmission with ATEME’s highly efficient MPEG-4 compression technology. TiVi is now able to offer more than 75 channels within its lineup, at very high quality. The service is also novel in using a software based “all IP” approach for the headend, making it easier to deploy new features and add more channels in the future. Most digital terrestrial services, even those based on DVB-T2, are still using traditional and less efficient ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) or SDI (Serial Digital Interface) for switching and distribution.

Our extensive channel lineup is the result of detailed market studies on viewers’ expectations in Haiti said TiVi founder and CEO Charles-Edouard Denis. “It includes content in a range of languages, along with a number of original high quality channels not offered by existing operators. This provides a nice balance between sports, news, cinema, documentaries, culture and other types of entertainment for our customers. Thanks to ATEME, our picture quality will be excellent, while keeping both installation and operating costs low.

TiVi chose ATEME and Ecuatronix, its strategic integration partner for the Caribbean region, because of their ability to enable a large number of channels without any sacrifice in quality. The headend was designed specifically for TiVi around ATEME’s TITAN software platform, incorporating other critical components.

It is practically a headend in a box, including conditional access, redundancy switching and a complete network management system,” said ATEME’s director of product marketing Rémi Beaudouin. “This elegant level of an “all IP” platform dramatically reduces both deployment and maintenance costs, thus enabling TiVi to offer very competitive packages to its subscribers throughout Haiti.

Another significant advantage for TiVi is the scalability and expandability enabled by the TITAN software. This means that new channels can be added virtually on demand, along with support for extra output formats and profiles should TiVi wish to expand its service over other networks in the future.

Ecuatronix conducted overall integration and project management from satellite reception to terrestrial transmission. The Simulsat antenna deployed for TiVi is the first installed in Haïti, and enables one system to receive signals from multiple satellites. The TiVi programs are then distributed to the transmitter sites over optical fiber, once again leveraging technology to reduce costs.

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