Progress in HEVC and 4K Development ?

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Discover Mike Antonovich’s perspective

Jason Dachman is managing editor at SVG who covers a wide spectrum of sport-production and technology topics. He interviewed Mike Antonovich about ATEME’s role in advancing 4K/Ultra HD, HEVC and about the future of video.

In this discussion they analyze the most sports-relevant applications and how HEVC 4K is developing in the sports andmedia market.

  • Mike considers HEVC having a more immediate impact on HD compression and transmission. He sees there is plenty of opportunity to employ HEVC to do a much better job with today’s television and talks about its impact on the market.
  • They talk about ATEME 4K projects, about the LiveSphere 360-degree demo. He thinks it has some wonderful second- and third-screen opportunities for people who want to be able to visualize the “you-are-there” experience.
  • They discuss the difficulties of audiences becoming HEVC compatible.
  • Finaly Mike is making a fearless forecast that by the end of the year, we are going to see a major league with an OTTplay using HEVC.

If you are interested in reading the entire interview, pls click on the link to the SVG blog here.