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As a content provider, it’s important to have a contribution software solution that helps you face the ever-changing demands of the live-video industry.

So how do you generate more agile, secure, and sustainable contribution solutions, ready for future shifts in demand, that also help you lower costs? 

Future-proof Your Business

Scaling up your delivery platform for one-off events is not effective. You need flexible, cloud-ready software solutions that evolve alongside industry fluctuations. This helps you save money from over-investing in capacity, especially during peak usage. You can simply scale up in the cloud when you need to. And that helps you reduce costs and safeguard your future.

Safe Content with Cloud-Agnostic Contribution Software

To help you succeed in this changing market, it’s key to find the right solutions. They must both protect your valuable content by securing transmission and deliver high-quality video with low latency. Ateme’s cloud-agnostic contribution software solutions send raw video from the event source directly to the broadcasters and content producers for delivery. It’s easy to manage, 100% software-based, sustainable, and ensures low latency. Not only that, but its anti-hacking security system features the open, royalty-free BISS-CA security protocol. This makes it possible for you to encrypt and manage the rights to your valuable video content

Whatever your needs, our secure, scalable contribution software solution sources and serves top-quality video to your takers. Not only that, it also offers you complete flexibility to streamline live event feeds straight from the source and helps you cut costs and your carbon footprint. 

Interested? Check out our video. 

If you’d like to hear more about Ateme’s cloud-native solutions, feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you and find out how Ateme can help.