Ad Insertion

As a provider of OTT TV services, you need multiple sources of revenue to ensure profitability. And also to ensure resilience when facing a crisis. Ad revenues are important. But are they always effective and efficient? Targeted advertising offers a great opportunity to unleash new sources of value, for example when replaying DVR content.

ATEME’s end-to-end Ad Insertion solution provides ad preparation, ad enabling, ad routing and ad stitching. These components are already integrated into our award-winning end-to-end OTT delivery solution (from encoders to CDN). This reduces complexity and guarantees that the various components will all work together – both now and in the future, as you upgrade them.

Key Features

  • Server-side ad insertion
  • Targeted manifest manipulation
  • Integrated with major ad servers

How We Help

    • Increase your revenues with targeted ad insertion
    • Become more resilient with multiple sources of revenues
    • Maximize brand visibility
    • Extract more value from your content

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