The 2014 French Open encoded in UHD HEVC with TITAN Live

Learn about the first live braodcasting by satellite in Ultra High-Definition and how ATEME contributed to bring end viewers into an immersive experience of the French Open’14.

The 2014 edition of the French Open tennis tournament saw the first live broadcasting by satellite of such an event in Ultra High-Definition. The challenge, at such an early stage for UHDTV technology, was to be on air over the whole of Europe for 2 weeks, and compatible with all latest generation UHDTVs embedding an HEVC decoder.
ATEME partnered with France Television and Eutelsat for this world first, and demonstrated the power of its carrier-grade video encoding/transcoding product. TITAN Live Any-to-Any received the French Open UHD cameras captures, to encode and stream the UHD source in real time, in HEVC – the latest high efficiency compression standard – with a stunning picture quality.

  • Inputs: 4 *1080p50 inputs via 3G-SDI
  • HEVC encoding at a bitrate lower than 30Mbps
  • Output : one full single UHDp50 stream (TS)


The unencrypted TITAN Live’s UHD feed was uplinked and broadcasted via Eutelsat “EUT 5WA”, covering all Europe. The “ON AIR” UHD channel could be viewed on Panasonic, Sony and Samsung last 2014 generation UHD TV sets. The content was displayed in the “RG Lab” and “Eiffel Tower Champ-de-Mars” on UHD TVs. ATEME’s regular and long term relationship with TV set and STB manufacturers’ ensure interoperability on UHD HEVC decoders and screens.
ATEME contributed in bringing end viewers into an immersive experience of the French Open’14.