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March 3, 2021. My team is getting ready to run the Online 24 hours of ATEME: 24 hours of back-to-back, follow-the-sun webinars with speakers from 31 partner companies. The adrenaline is up. The energy is high. Our engines are starting. And then… go!

Three stellar speakers open the race – ATEME CEO Michel Artières, Azure CTO for Media & Entertainment Hanno Basse, and Comcast Technology Solutions, Video Platforms General Manager Bart Spriester – moderated by the energetic Andreas Waltenspiel, who gleans gems from the speakers. Like where each one would place his money. Answers include a common standard for metadata; how to capture sporting events and bring the on-site experience to the living-room; and how to help content and service providers go green. Here are some snippets from that keynote:

Then come another 23 laps, covering video in the cloud, Next Gen TV, making streaming successful, and new monetization workflows, which you can see here.

Thousands of viewers, hundreds of slides, and 31 partners over 24 hours for one outstanding event. With a pandemic still raging, you couldn’t go to the racetracks, so we brought the racetracks to you.