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Media4Dplayer is a collaborative project supported by Cap Digital, the French business cluster for digital content and services, funded by the region of Île-de-France and the French Public Investment Bank. The project is aligned with the Cap Digital strategy regarding content accessibility, digital content policy and the silver economy.


The project, started in January 2015 for a duration of 18 moths, addresses the issues of media accessibility for all citizens in a connected environment by developing an open-source, multi-flow, and multi-accessible media player, designed for everyone, in particular for seniors, disabled, vulnerable populations, and those who need to improve their fluency in French (oral/written).

The final media4Dplayer application is to be developed in HTML5 and simultaneously combines sound, visual, and interactive elements into an intuitive user interface. Consequently, this multimedia content player will be able to read and synchronize several files simultaneously, and then provide personalized services. The two key challenges of the media4Dplayer project include design, demonstration and validation of innovative navigation paths by combining universal ergonomics together with an intelligent rethinking of the interface and present synchronously multiple content streams coming from different servers, to enrich the accessibility services of a given TV program.


The Consortium

The media4Dplayer consortium includes 7 project partners: two big companies, two SMEs, two academic research institutes, and one agglomeration of cities; all are supported by two SMEs as subcontractors.