Three questions for Xiao Zhang, ATEME Sales Manager for APAC regions

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Xiao Zhang is ATEME Sales Manager for APAC regions. He comes from China where he studied at the BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology). In 2006, Xiao entered the French school of Engineering in Paris – École Supérieure d’Électricité / Supelec, where he received his Engineer degree. Before joining ATEME, Xiao worked shortly at Gemalto, company specialised in digital security. Xiao speaks fluently Chinese, French and English.

Q: How do you see the evolution of broadcast industry in China?

XZ: Since China is a big country, the evolution of broadcast industry is very different from each region. In metropolitan areas like Beijing or Shanghai, HD contents are very common and IPTV is well adopted by the audience. However, in most of the countryside, Analogue and MPEG2 is still dominant. Unlike in other countries, the market is not saturated and there is place for every player.

Q: What is the biggest challenge for you when dealing with a Chinese client?

In general, Chinese decision makers are very conservative. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to convince them to try our solutions for the very first time. Once they see the product/solution is reliable, they are satisfied but it doesn’t mean you secured the client for eternity. Business is business and Chinese clients do not play on loyalty but on the “best deal” side.

How does it feel to work for French Company?

Despite the small size (ATEME has over 90 employees) ATEME is more an international company rather than typical French company and I am happy to make part of the ATEME Team.
We have many people from different countries working here and almost everybody speaks at least three different languages. I feel at ease and enjoy the multicultural environment.