Ultra HD is not only more pixels but better pixels

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IPTV Seminar – Den Haag 10 & 11 November 2014

IPTV Seminar 2014 took place on 10 & 11 November 2014, in The Hague. Professionals from broadcasters, operators, vendors and service providers joined the event to learn more about exciting IPTV technology developments as well as Ultra HD’s Opportunities and Challenges.

Ultra HD is not only more pixels but better pixels. As explained in a nutshell by Egon Verharen, Manager R&D, NPO, and Chair of EBU Technical Committee :

Ultra HD quality = Resolution + High Frame Rate + High Dynamic Range + Color + Audio.

Credentials : IPTV Seminar

Ultra High Definition opens opportunities and its promises are many: better immersion, smoother and sharper picture, better perception and extended watching experience. Ultra HD (phase1) effect is not yet as much of a difference from HD compared to the progress made from HD versus SD. Ultra HD (phase2) should bring this wowwwwwww sensation and therefore the disruptive effect. No Ultra HD will be possible without HEVC – High Efficiency Video Coding because of the bitrate load.

Ultra HD logo exists today to inform consumers about televisions and other equipment complying with European standard for Ultra HD. This logo shows consumers that the equipment they are about to buy is compatible with all major Ultra HD content.

Extract from specifications about Ultra HD (phase1) set by DigitalEurope are the following : resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with a color depth of 8 bits with a signal PCM 2.0 stereo for audio. . Manufacturers must obtain a license to affix the logo on their Ultra HD equipment.logo Ultra HD

Other topics of interest were related to the STB-less solutions and strategies covering the enablers for STB-less. Incidentally, KPN announced the launch of STB-less IP TV . This means that KPN can deliver their services directly to selected smart TV sets. Can you imagine your TV corner with fewer cables, boxes and dust? Can you imagine it with less remote controls? It now becomes a reality.

Recommendations and personalization of TV experience is already on board in our digital area. It can make TV viewing increase significantly. Nevertheless today, there are about 20% digital customers. Therefore we should not forget everyone else enjoying traditional ways of watching TV lying on their couch with good content, nice pictures and zapping from one program to the other. UltraHD will contribute in enhancing the watching experience for all TV viewers.

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by Christophe Deffontaines
Sales Manager EMEA