When you stop learning you stop growing.

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Application engineering training in Bièvres.

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It’s a famous saying. When you stop learning you stop growing.

Just at the time the company is gearing up for a historic moment to be public listed in EuroNext, the Application Engineering team regrouped in HQ for extensive technical training sessions. The whole of APAC and AMERICAS Pre Sales resources gathered and were involved in 4.5 day long multi subject training sessions. This was the second time this year such training sessions have been conducted for core engineering teams who face the customer at a very early stage of a business deals. The continuous learning process is not only product or solutions focused.

Such sessions give the team the opportunity to mingle and present themselves to the team in HQ. This gives participants the chance to know-who and when they need to reach out to the subject matter experts. Bridging the gap between continents and HQ, putting a face to an email ID and most importantly understanding our core technology and solutions. It does help in preparing the future and makes teams ready for all the specific challenges in their respective regions.

To make this session even more successful, the folks in HQ also organized a BBQ session after work at the compound of the office. It was lively, fun and the spread of foods and drinks was amazing. The top management who joined the BBQ gives a warm welcome to the newly joined Pre Sales folks from AMERICAS. I am sure this session here in HQ gave them a pleasant first week in the company and provided a huge morale boost for their career adventure with ATEME. We owe it the great guys in HQ for such a great week. Thank you.

RAHIMAN Abdul Haleem,
APAC Pre-Sales Manager