Ateme and Google Cloud Enable the Digital Transition of Broadcasters

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Globally, broadcasters are dealing with inevitable digital disruption. The way people consume media is changing, and broadcasters need to adapt to keep up. Ateme and Google Cloud can help with your digital transition.

Ateme and Google Cloud provide a complete solution for video distribution to enable the digital transition of broadcasters. Ateme’s software-defined video solutions help broadcasters to run their traditional workloads in the cloud. And Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services provide the scalability, reliability, and security that broadcasters need.

Managing the Digital Transition from Transport Stream to IP

While many industries have been running their most important workloads in the cloud for many years, the broadcast industry has been slow to adopt this technology. Entrenched, legacy infrastructure and a strong reliance on specialized technology ecosystems have prevented broadcasters from reaping the benefits of the cloud. In fact, most broadcast systems were designed to be deployed on private networks, with performance focused only on efficiency, while ignoring other areas, such as security.

Although OTT streaming and IP-based distribution systems are growing rapidly, the majority of revenue for most broadcasters still comes from legacy platforms. These include cable, terrestrial, and satellite distribution. Broadcasters have invested billions of dollars globally and want to maximize the return on that investment. At the same time, they also want to manage the growth of their new platforms during the rapid digitalization of the industry and the transition to a full-IP world.

Now is the time for broadcasters to optimize cash flow and revenue, including from their legacy infrastructure, while investing in their new IP-based platforms.

Ateme and Google Cloud Platform Come Together for a Seamless Digital Transition

Google Cloud is a key leader in supporting the transformation of the broadcast industry. Together with Ateme, it has been offering advanced infrastructure options and enabling new workflows through Google Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud-based media supply chains can help media companies reduce costs, increase agility, and improve quality. By moving their media supply chains to the cloud, media companies eliminate the need to invest in and maintain on-premise infrastructure. This can lead to significant cost savings. Additionally, cloud-based media supply chains are more scalable and flexible than on-premises solutions. This allows media companies to quickly adapt to changes in the market, such as new content formats or distribution channels. Finally, cloud-based media supply chains offer access to powerful tools and services that can help media companies improve the quality of their content.

Google Cloud helps media companies:

Increase agility: Cloud-based media supply chains are more scalable and flexible than on-prem solutions. This can help media companies quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Improve quality: Cloud-based media supply chains offer access to powerful infrastructure that can be scaled up to customer needs. This can help media companies improve the quality of their content.

Reduce costs: Google Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This can help media companies save on capital investments and infrastructure costs.

If you are a media company looking to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve quality, then Google Cloud is a great option for you.

“To enable digital transformation across the media supply chain, media companies, hyperscalers, and media technology vendors need to work together. It is the only way the industry can move forward successfully. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Ateme to help our media & entertainment customers succeed with cloud-native solutions,” said Anil Jain, Managing Director, Strategic Consumer Industries, Google Cloud.

Ateme and Google Cloud Enable New Opportunities for Broadcasters

Ateme and Google Cloud have partnered to offer a fully virtualized broadcast headend for IPTV, cable, terrestrial, and satellite distribution. This solution is available for all markets with support for all common standards. These include DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2/SX, ATSC 1.0 and 3.0, ISDB-T, and ISDB-T-b. 

Ateme’s TITAN suite includes cloud-native solutions that enable an end-to-end broadcast headend to be deployed entirely in the cloud. And this without compromising on functionalities or performance. This brings a new level of flexibility and resilience to the broadcast industry. 

The suite of solutions can be deployed on demand over multiple zones in any of the 37 Google Cloud regions. This allows new workflows for traditional broadcast, for use cases such as:

  • Business continuity as a virtual second site for disaster recovery (DR) at a fraction of the cost of the on-premises option;
  • Deploying additional capacity for occasional use (OU) for large events, such as the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. A group of new channels can be deployed with limited CapEx investment and with simplified logistics for a limited period of time;
  • Testing new features or maintaining services during an on-premises platform upgrade;
  • Expanding services with limited logistics and CapEx investment, growing their presence in a new market without risky investments in hardware and datacenters.

The joint solutions provided by Ateme and Google Cloud create a unified end-to-end platform. This is especially important in a cloud environment. When migrating media workloads to the cloud, it is important to minimize traffic coming in and out of the processing environment. In the case of a traditional broadcast workflow, the most crucial element to bring to the cloud is the statmux. In fact, it’s the last piece of the puzzle to unlock more cloud benefits.

Ateme Powers the Modernization of Broadcast Platforms with Google Cloud

Ateme‘s combined expertise in both video processing and cloud deployment allows us to offer the same premium statmux that our customers have come to expect from our on-prem solutions within Google Cloud. Ateme’s solution operates exactly like its on-premises equivalent, enabling traditional workflows in a cloud or hybrid environment. This offers broadcasters an affordable, high-performance, and feature-rich statmux solution in a public cloud environment that is easily accessible through Google Cloud marketplace. The Ateme solution comes with many advanced features including the newly launched NextGen Statmux for ATSC 3.0. This brings 20% better efficiency (equivalent to one additional UHD service per headend) for broadcasters in the North-American market. 

If you’d like to hear more about Ateme’s cloud solution and how Ateme and Google Cloud help enable the digital transition of broadcasters, contact me. We’d love to hear from you and find out how we can help. And if you’re heading to Amsterdam in September for IBC2023, set up a meeting. You can also pass by our booth at Hall 1, booth D33 (Ateme).

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